Bluetooth 5 module


32-bit Core

PRBMD0x Bluetooth 5 modules core with powerful Cortextm M0 wireless processor from PHY semiconductors, allows it able to achieve different applications and requirements. As a worldwide popular core, development tools is very easy to be accessed by users and made development process easier. SDK is available.

MESH network possible

PRBMD0x is able to perform standard Bluetooth MESH network. With MESH network, all nodes are connected and exten the Bluetooth coverage to large area.

Low power consumption

PRBMD00 consumes very low power, when in OFF mode,  power consumption is about 0.7uA and about 2uA at Sleep mode; where PRBMD02 is 0.3uA at OFF mode and 1uA at Sleep mode

Large memory size

PRBMD0x provides more memory space for application development. PRBMD00 provides 138K RAM and 512K Flash; where PRBMD02 provides 64K RAM and 128K Flash, with 8K cache.


PRBMD0x embeds all components needed, so that user doesn't need to spend engineer resource on related circuit design.  PRBMD0x also comes with UART-Bluetooth tunneling firmware, therefore firmware engineers can focus on the application development.

Longer RF distance

Max Tx power of PRBMD0x is 10dBm and Rx sensitivity is -97dBm, means longer RF distance can be performed.

Small form factor

PRBMD0x provides two different form factors: PRBMD00 with 12 x 18mm; and PRBMD02 with 10 x 14mm, which fits for space limitation for most applications.

PRBMD0x comparison

Advantages of PRBMD0x, compare with other BT5 modules

- Price competitive, about 20% lower than other BT5 modules with same features


- Better delivery time (about 8-10 weeks) than other BT modules


- Low power, around 20-30% lower than other BT module


- PRBMD02 dimension is smaller than typical dimension of other BT modules, up to 35% smaller


- PRBMD00 contains more memory space than typical BT modules


- PRBMD00 supports wider operating voltage range


- PRBMD0x comes with default UART-BT tunneling firmware


- PRBMD0x contains certifications, where other BT modules at same pricing level doesn't

Video resource

- ADC demo, Central and Peripheral 1

- PRBMD00 serial tunnelling feature

- PRBMD02 firmware demo

- MESH demo