Low latency Bluetooth audio module


Ultra low latency

PRBMA00 supports ultra low latency on Bluetooth audio signal. With Hi-Fi grade audio, the max. latency is about 16ms, and the latency can be lower with lower audio signal is needed (i.e. low frequency for sub-woofer). It is a best solution for Lip-sync issue in Audio-Video applications.

Multi-connection, with low latency

PRBMA00 also supports multi-connection with low latency. A single audio source can be transmitted to multiple receivers with low latency and in sync. It is suitable for PA system or party speakers.

High SNR PWM output

PRBMA00 equipped with multiple audio outputs, and one is audio PWM output, which SNR is up to -122dBv. User can simply connect it with MosFET to drive speaker directly, instead of traditional class-D amplifier.

Powerful audio DSP

PRBMA00 is cored with Tensilica HiFi3 DSP with LX7 processor, and equipped with 16Mb Flash, 352KB RAM and Two 32x32 MAC. With such configuration, PRBMA00 provides outstanding performance to users.


PRBMD0x embeds audio DSP, Bluetooth and power management unit, together with the default firmware, user can simply use it by soldering on PCB, Firmware is able to be customized base on user requirement (NRE required).

Small form factor

PRBMA00's dimension is 17x30mmwith on-board chip antenna. It also provides optional i-PEX connector for connecting with external antenna. Customized module is also possible (NRE required)