We are official design house of GoWin Semiconductor, one of the FPGA supplier in China. GoWin offers wide range of FPGA chip, software, Intellectual Property (IP) cores, reference design and development kits. K-Solution supports design service on top of GoWin chip

Arora FPGAs family

Arora Family is designed to offer the best-in class performace cost ratio FPGA. With abundant logic, high-performance DSP resources and high speed I/O, the family is optimized for co-processing to offload the application processor on intensive computation tasks. The Arora family is also the first FPGA with embedded pSRAM in the industry, which gives customers more usable device I/O

LittleBee ® FPGAs  family

Based on 55nm LP technology, LittleBee® family offers instant-on, non-volatile, low power, intensive I/O and small footprint FPGA (smallest as 2.4x2.3mm). The family is ideal for high-performance bridging application and the first FPGA that supports MIPI I3C and MIPI D-PHY standard in the industry. The LittleBee® family is also the first non-volatile FPGA with an embedded pSRAM in the industry, which further reduces the board space and enhances performance.