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    Established in Hong Kong since 2011, we delivered different wireless networking solution to customer in different countries. With over 20-year experience in electronic and semi-conductor industry, our team members are able to provide the most appropriate solution to our users.


    We provide comprehensive solution of Bluetoot connection for IoT and audio application, including both hardware and software. We provides different level of service to our customers in order to help their product time-to-market, including firmware design service, firmware pre-programming service, PCB design service, PCBA service and even certification testing service.

    Global Source exhibition - electronic 2019, Hong Kong

    Global Source exhibition - electronic 2018, Hong Kong

    Global Source exhibition - electronic 2017, Hong Kong

    IoT exhibition 2016, Seoul, Korea

    In order to maintain relationship with our customers we participated different activities in different countries

    Some of our customers

    Our partners

    Balun Technology

    Our partner test lab for certification, with their help, we can also help our customers to test and certify their end products.

    Informtech International Limited

    Our partner programming center for firmware pre-programming.

    Gowin Semiconductor Corp.

    Our FPGA partner from China, providing us the FPGA chip.

    Optek Digital Technology Co.

    Providing powerful audio IC for our Bluetooth low latency modules

    PHY+ Microelectronics

    A Bluetooth 5 for IoT chip partners, locates in Shanghai and suppling the quality Bluetooth 5 IC.